Monday, February 4, 2013

First Post Everrr

I guess I'll make this post a little get-to-know me. Anyway, I've been a vegetarian for about 7 years and have completely struggled with trying to quit cheese (this will be my last block... I swear) I so feel like a junkie when I'm trying to go full plant-based. I mean I kind of am, right? Casein has very addictive properties. I'm from a place where people can't even grasp the idea of not eating meat. When someone offers me a cheeseburger, for instance, and I'm all like "No way man, I don't eat meat," it is literally like I just told a child Santa Clause wasn't real. They can't even believe it. My boyfriend's parents had never met a vegetarian until he started dating me. It has been 7 years and my parents still forget. I was home for Thanksgiving this year and my mom is all "Oh, Honey, I made you green beans" to which I reply "Do they have bacon in them?" long pause. "Well no..... I put ham in this time." facepalm. Thanks Ma. My plans are to move back to the city (I'm currently in the wilderness of Southeastern Indiana) and go to pastry school to get all the techniques down to be come a master baking chef! My complete goal in life is to own a kind bakery. Plant based with some gluten-free and nut-free options and all that jazzz. Cooking is definitely a passion of mine. Making great food is a wonderful way to connect with people. Also hearing that something I've creating is the most delicious thing ever is the best compliment I can get. Aside from being told how absolutely fabulous I am. (kidding) So from this day forth I'm deciding to put my best foot forward and go completely plant-based. All the deliciousness that comes from that will be added, along with recipes, to this lovely little blog of mine. Also pictures of my cats. And other people's cats. And just cute cats in general. I just love cats.

And if you're wondering I would never, ever feed my cats a plant based diet. That is completely unfair to them and also not healthy at all. Felines need meat to survive. Humans on the other hand, do not. (Contrary to the belief of the people around me who think they do)